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SVR is not your typical VR Arcade. In fact, we are more of a gaming center than an arcade. We promote and run private servers for non-VR games as well as VR based ones. Some games you can play both at home and here in VR.  Looking for your next passion? Come see us and we'll lead you in the right direction. Need help putting together a gaming system? We can help with that as well.

Virtual Reality can be so much more than just games. Your first thought when you hear of Virtual Reality is likely gaming. There is no doubt that VR is the future of gaming but, the applications for VR are endless. With VR you can travel to any place on the planet. You can tour the International space station. And yes you can play VR games so immersive you can lose yourself for hours. You can ride a roller coaster or learn about dinosaurs as if you're right there with them. Or perhaps you want to create the next great masterpiece of 3D artwork and print it out on our 3D Printer.

We have a genuine intent to serve the local gaming community.

Explore the Planet!
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More than an Arcade

We strive to be a community gaming center. We offer game experiences you can do at home without VR. Some you can play both in VR and out. When you become a member you are automatically granted special access to our community gaming servers.  Purchase one of our game packages and you will be given a code so the game can be added to your Steam Account. This allows you to play at any location with Steam access.


Spokane Virtual Reality Arcade

5208 North Market St.

Spokane, WA.




Tel: (509)-242-3367

Fax: (509) 474-1536

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Super Hot

Award winning game that puts you into a matrix type environment. Combatants rush at you from all directions firing projectiles as you slow time to dodge and return fire.

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