We are not your typical Gaming Arcade but, instead a Community Gaming Center. What does that mean you ask? To us that means we embrace gaming as a whole with special emphasis on community gaming.

We specialize on multi-player games you can play with other like minded individuals. We promote games you can play from home as well as here in our Arcade. Many of those games you can play both in VR and without. We even promote games that have no VR mode at all. It's about making new friends and becoming part of a community. 

We go to great lengths to ensure a safe and friendly gaming environment. We do not tolerate greefing, hate, or racism of any kind. Everyone is welcome no matter who you are and all ideas are valid. Come and join our community and meet your new friends!

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Hours of Operation









12 pm - Midnight

12 pm - Midnight

12 pm - Midnight

12 pm - Midnight

12 pm - Midnight

  2 pm - 8 pm

We also offer private parties like all night events by appointment only. Please call for more information.

Spokane Virtual Reality Arcade

5208 North Market St.

Spokane, WA.




Tel: (509)-242-3367

Fax: (509) 474-1536

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